The 7th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 2011

Papers Proceedings

1 I2 Thermally Produced Deformation of the Electrical Current Carrying Connection Beams in the Electrolysis Cell
Alexandru Morega, Marian Petre, Marian Cilianu

2 I3 Thermal and Magnetic Design of a Dipolar Superferric Magnet for High Uniformity Magnetic Field
Alexandru Morega, Ioan Dobrin, Mihaela Morega

3 C2 Thoracic Mapping Of The Nonlinear Electrical Activity Of The Heart
Alin Alexandru Dobre, Alexandru M. Morega, Mihaela Morega, Corina Mihaela Ipate

4 P1-23 The Innovative Solutions for the Operations to Extracting and Introducing the Ferromagnetic Cores of Stator of the Low Power Asynchronous Motors Equipped with Single Demountable Bearing Shield
Daniel Necula, Nicolae Vasile, Mihail-Florin Stan

5 P1-25 On the HRV signal modification of the ECG signal under the influence of exposure to electromagnetic fields
Narcis Iulian Adochiei, Ioan Tudosa, Adochiei Felix-Constantin

6 C11 Research on possible abnormalities of the ECG signal shape
Ioan Tudosa, Narcis Adochiei, Razvan Ciobotariu

7 C15 New aspects in the ECG signal processing using adaptive filters
Ioan Tudosa, Narcis Adochiei, Razvan Ciobotariu

8 A6 Considerations on the simulation models of ac plunger-type magnets
Ioana-Gabriela Sirbu, Mihai Iordache, Lucian Mandache

9 P2-20 Experiments and measurements - the magnitude of magnetic moments
George-Florian Popa, Brandusa Pantelimon

12 P1-8 Considerations about the using of Cadence Software for simulation issues of electrostatic phenomena
Ana-Maria Nicuta, Paul Bicleanu

16 J3 Adaptive mechanisms and structures in engineering education
Dorin Isoc

17 J1 Does the implementation of the Bologna process in higher technical education require a new approach to motivate the actors involved in the educational process?
Cristina Mihaela Gheorghe, Mircea Covrig, Steliana Valentina Uncuta, Mihai Octavian POPESCU

18 J2 Robotics Laboratory for Electrical Engineering Students
Constantin Ilas, Sanda Paturca

20 A2 Analysis of coupled oscillators by state variable method
Mihai Iordache, Lucia Dumitriu, J.M Paillot, Iulia Dumitrescu, David Cordeau

21 P1-7 Magnetic coupling analysis in wireless transfer energy
Dragos Niculae, Mihai Iordache, Lucia Dumitriu

22 F2 GSM infrastructure used for data transmission
Constantin Daniel Oancea

23 P1-29 Virtual Instruments (VIs) for Study of Asynchronous Motor Functional Characteristics
Gheorghe Eugen Subtirelu, Mircea Dobriceanu

24 P1-27 Thermovision lubrication monitoring system for a mechanical expander
Tudor Macrea, Costin Cepisca, Dorian Macrea

25 P1-28 Software applications designed to optimize the voltage drops of the low voltage electric power supply installations
Cristina-Gabriela Saracin, Marin Saracin

26 F8 Labview Interface For Oil Drilling Rigs
Sorin Dan Grigorescu, Octavian Mihai Ghita, Mircea Covrig, Ion Potarniche, Mina Gheamalinga

28 B7 Simulation of Induction Motor Using State Variables
Mihai Iordache, Ileana Calomfirescu, Dragos Niculae, Mihai Dogaru

29 P1-5 Supercapacitors use as an energy source to drive the short urban electric vehicles
Catalin Goia, Luiza Popa, Claudia Popescu, Mihai Octavian Popescu

30 P1-4 Stabilization method for a numerical model of a shunt active power filter
Dan Olaru

36 P1-21 A new cost effective solution for control of electrical actuators
Iulia Cristina Stika, Aurelian Sarca, Alecsandru Neacsu

38 C3 Towards an advanced magneto-plasmonic sensing platform
Sorin David, Eugen Gheorghiu

40 P2-27 Non-intrusive measurement of induction systems active power through the proximate electromagnetic field
Marcel Stamate, Petrica Taras, Virgiliu Fireteanu

42 P2-25 Programmable logic controllers used in electric drives of an inteligent building
Cristina-Gabriela Saracin, Marin Saracin, Marin Lupu

43 P2-26 Programmable logic controllers used in colecting of metal packaging waste
Marin Saracin, Cristina-Gabriela Saracin, Calin Ciobanu, Silviu Dragus

45 P1-15 Designing the Control of an Electrical Drive using Petri Nets
Valentin Navrapescu, Mircea Popescu, Ioan Dragos Deaconu, Aurel Chirila

46 F5 Kalman filtering of the miniaturized inertial sensors’ data for inertial navigation
Ioana Raluca Edu, Lucian Teodor Grigorie, Costin Cepisca

48 F1 High voltage transformer insulation evaluation using a measurement expert system
Sorin Dan Grigorescu, Ion Potarniche, Octavian Mihai Ghita, Mircea Covrig

49 B14 Energetical Performances Analysis of PWM Asynchronous Motor and Voltage Inverter Driving System
Alexandru Bitoleanu, Mihaela Popescu, Mihaita Linca, Anamaria Mitran

50 F6 An integrated-technology multi-site temperature measuring system
Andrei Brezoica, Marius Neagu

51 B3 Aeolian Synchronous Generator with Conical Rotor
Constantin Ghita, Ion Trifu

52 P1-16 Experimental determination of moment to inertia and mechanical losses vs. speed, in electrical machines
Ion Daniel Ilina

53 P2-28 Wireless Breathing System for Long Term Telemonitoring of Respiratory Activity
Razvan Ciobotariu, Cristian Rotariu, Felix Adochiei, Hariton Costin

55 B12 GUI Interfaces for Off-Line Determination of DC Electric Motor Parameters
Anca Simona Deaconu, Ioan Dragos Deaconu, Aurel Ionut Chirila, Ana-Maria Dumitrescu, Valentin Navrapescu, Valeriu Bostan

56 B13 A High Short-Circuit Impedance Electric Transformer
Constantin Bala, Alexandru Morega

57 B6 Linearization of Aeolian Synchronous Generator with Conical Rotor
Constantin Ghita, Ion Trifu

59 B10 Numerical Analysis of a PM Synchronous Motor Used in Electrical Vehicles
Steliana Valentina Uncuta, Leonard Melcescu, Mircea Covrig, Ovidiu Craiu, Tudor Ursu

60 B1 Numerical Modeling of a Small Power High Speed Induction Motor
Mircea Modreanu, Nicolae Ivan, Tiberiu Tudorache

61 P2-19 Yield loss of photovoltaic panels caused by depositions
Loredana Dorobantu, Mihai Octavian Popescu, Claudia Popescu

62 B5 Permanent Magnet Brushless Machine for a Hybrid Electric Scooter
Paul Minciunescu, Relu Balaban, Corina Minciunescu, Mihaela Chefneux

63 B2 Uncertainty Analysis in the Evaluation of PMSM End-Winding Inductance
Tiberiu Tudorache, Ovidiu Craiu, Alina Machedon, Mihaela Morega, Mihail Popescu

64 P2-18 Study and Design of a Wing Oscillating Wind System
Tudor Isoc, Florina Leach, Crina Bobean, Valentina Pavel, Ioan Vadan

65 B4 Standard for frequency characteristics measurement at power transformers
Andrei Marinescu, Ionel Dumbrava

68 B9 Using the Circuit Theory to Derive the Mathematical Models of ac Machines. A review
Toma Dordea, Radu Munteanu, Aurel Campeanu

69 E2 Short-term wind power predictions for the Romanian electric power system
Petre-Cristian Razusi, Mircea Eremia

71 E3 Numerical optimization of IM based test bench for wind generators
Tiberiu Tudorache, Valeriu Bostan

72 E4 Impact assessment of the thermoelectric power plants on the air quality in Bucharest
Cristina Balaceanu, Costin Cepisca

74 P2-17 Comparative analysis of co-generation structures comprising supplimentary systems with renewable energy sources
Ion Voncila

75 F4 Experimental research to apply the Directive 2005/32/EC regarding the CFLs
Andrei Marinescu, George Mihai

77 P2-22 The Evoluation of the Acceleration Factor to Reliability Tests
Ovidiu-Nicolae Nica

78 P1-22 Advanced motor control develpoment platforms
Iulia Cristina Stika, Dragos Matianu, Liviu Kreindler

79 P1-17 Expert system for diagnosis of electrical equipment. Case study – generator excitation system
Magdalena Vlad, Razvan Ioan Popovici, Claudia Laurenta Popescu, Mihai Octavian Popescu

80 D3 Protection of high and extra high voltage cables
Detlef Wald

83 B15 Improved Performance Control Schemes for Electric Vehicles
Iulian Iacob, Augustin Ignat, Liviu Kreindler, Aurelian Sarca

85 P1-20 Possibility for Analysis of the Reluctance Synchronous Motors Dynamic Stability
Sorin Enache, Aurel Campeanu, Ion Vlad, Monica-Adela Enache

88 H3 Junction Temperature Distribution for three-level Static Power Converters
Lucian Spataru, Dan Floricau, Florin Ionescu

89 F7 Using of electromagnetic field in monitoring and diagnose of the electrical apparatus
Florin Daniel Irimia, Monica Rotariu, Mihai Andrusca, Adrian Baraboi, Maricel Adam

90 H2 High Performance Shunt Active Power Filter
Mihaela Popescu, Alexandru Bitoleanu, Vlad Suru, Alexandra Patrascu

91 P2-1 Combined Methods for Solving Inductive Coupling Problems
Denisa Stet, Dan Doru Micu, Camelia Avram, Laura Darabant

92 P1-24 Comparison of Five-Level Converters: Features and Control
Lucian Parvulescu, Dan Floricau, Mircea Covrig

93 P2-2 Effects of shielding in electrical subway
Monica Cucu, Mihai Octavian Popescu, Claudia Laurenta Popescu

95 P1-3 Parallel algorithms for the efficient extraction of fitting based reduced order models
Ioan-Alexandru Lazar, Mihail-Iulian Andrei, Valeria Emanuela Caciulan, Gabriela Ciuprina, Daniel Ioan

96 P1-2 Modelling of the magnetisation process based on the landau-lifshitz-gilbert equation
Vasile Daniel Dan, Emilia-Simona Malureanu

97 G3 Theoretical and numerical aspects concerning magneto static shielding
Dumitru Cazacu, E Lefter

98 G1 A contribution to the evaluation of uncertainty associated with Radio Interference voltage tests of high voltage equipment
Ileana Baran, Sorin Coatu, Marian Costea, Daniel Rucinschi

103 A4 Dependence of simulated ECT signal on defect conductivity
Mihai Iulian Rebican

105 A5 Efficient Modeling of Homogenous Layers in High Frequency Integrated Circuits
Gabriela Ciuprina, Daniel Ioan

106 P1-1 Modifications Analysis of Substance Property for Aged Materials
Marilena Stanculescu, Ioan Florea Hantila

107 A1 Wheat Seeds Separation in the High-Intensity Electric Field
Tiberiu Butunoi, Gabriela Buda, Cristian Dragos, Adrian Samuila, Vasile Neamtu, Roman Morar, Lucian Dascalescu, Alexandru Iuga

108 P2-8 A statistical analysis of intoxications with hallucinogenic effect substances
Alexandru Mihnea Spiridonica, Iulian Stoleriu

110 G4 A TEM cell model analysis for radiofrequency dosimetry improvement by computational means
Cora Iftode, Simona Miclaus, Paul Bechet, Emanoil Surducan

111 C12 A Wireless Low-Power Pulse Oximetry System for Patient Telemonitoring
Felix Adochiei, Cristian Rotariu, Razvan Ciobotariu, Costin Hariton

112 P2-3 Abnormal Posture Detection Device with Audible Feedback
Octavian Dogarescu, Server Pasca

113 P2-9 Adaptive Stimulation Algorithm used in Computer Assisted Auditory Education
Valentin Velican, Ovidiu Grigore

114 P2-4 Analysis of Electromyography records during voluntary contraction and the identification of specific characteristics of muscular activity
Mihaela Corina Ipate

115 C13 Atrial activity estimation in atrial fibrillation by combining ESC and ICA methods
Dragos Taralunga, Werner Wolf, Rodica Strungaru, Sever Pasca, Mihaela Ungureanu

117 P2-10 Determination of Microwave Generators’ Performance for Medical Applications
Vasile Surducan, Emanoil Surducan, Radu Ciupa, Camelia Neamtu

118 C5 ECG pattern analysis for high sampling rate acquisition
Anatolie Boev, Marcel Stanciu

119 C6 Emotion detection using psycho-physiological signal processing
Ioana Safta, Ovidiu Grigore, Constantin Căruntu

120 P2-5 Hemodynamic monitoring using peripheral impedance plethysmography
Calin Corciova, Radu Ciorap, Dan Zaharia, Dana Matei

122 C10 Microwaves and Infrared Thermography - Comparative Studies in Early Breast Cancer Detection
Silvana Ojica, M. C. Rau, Doina Costandache, Octavian Baltag

123 C9 Optimisation of the treatment for chronic disease using an e-health sistem
Radu Ciorap, Calin Corciova, Mariana Ciorap, Dan Zaharia

124 C7 Reading detection based on EEG signal analysis
Bogdan Florin Florea, Ovidiu Grigore

125 P2-11 Remote Monitoring ECG Signals System
Ana-Maria Paraschiv, Costin Cepisca, Cosmin Karl Banica, Andreea Catalina Enache

127 P2-12 System for remote patient monitoring and data collection with applicability on e-health applications
Lucian Nita, Mihai Cretu, Anamaria Hariton

129 C8 Techniques for analysing the variance of the heart rhythm within the time-frequency area
Cosmin Karl Banica, George Seritan

130 I5 Study of a Ferrofluid Actuator with Levitating Nonmagnetic Disc
Camelia Petrescu, Radu Olaru, Radu Hertanu

132 I4 MHD Modelling In Diverted Tokamak Configurations
Calin Vlad Atanasiu, Augustin Moraru, Leonid E. Zakharov

133 C14 Virtual instrument for electroencephalography data aquisition
Andreea Catalina Enache, Costin Cepisca, Leon Zagrean, Ana-Maria Paraschiv, Cosmin Karl Banica

134 P2-14 Wireless ECG monitoring and alarm system for home using ZigBee
Ovidiu Apostu, Bogdan Hagiu, Sever Pasca

135 I6 The 3D Multiphysic Model and Finite Element Analysis of Conduction Electromagnetic Pumping System for Molten Salts
Cristian Roman, Virgiliu Fireteanu

136 D2 Structural and electrical properties of ceramic composite 10Y2O3:CeO2+(10%)(150ppm)Y2O3:a-Al2O3
Ana-Maria Ionascu, Ionel Mercinoiu, Petru Notingher, Nicoletta Popescu-Pogrion

137 A3 Magnetic Experimental Investigation of Ferrite Nanoparticles used in Hybrid Biomaterials
Valentin Ionita, Cristina Covaliu

138 C1 Improved Fetal ECG Extraction by Applying Adaptive Filtering
Mihaela G. Ungureanu, Ana Maria Ilincai, Wener Wolf, Ilinca Gussi, Dragos D. Taralunga, Rodica Strungaru

141 P2-6 Model for left ventricular contractility related to time-varying Elastance based on echocardiographic measurements
Vasile Manoliu, Cristina Maria Stanescu

142 C4 Simple Shear of Materials Characterized by Steady Non-monotonous Flow Curve
Daniela Coblas, Diana Broboana, Corneliu Balan

143 G2 Experiments to validate a technique for reducing the human RF exposure from mobile terminals
Andrei Marinescu, Ionel Dumbrava, Violeta Voicu, George Mihai, Catalin Vargatu

144 P2-7 Numerical analysis of the electric field and temperature changes around carotid stents
Dan Rafiroiu, Radu Ciupa, Adrian Iancu, Alexandra Lazar, Ion Tiseanu

145 D6 Electrical Ageing of Polyethylene Power Cables Insulation Subjected to an Electric Field in the Presence of Water
Mihai Plopeanu, Petru Notingher, Cristina Stancu, Sorin Grigorescu

146 D1 Oil Impregnated Paper Condition Assessment Using Time Spectroscopy Method
Laurentiu Badicu, Bogdan Gorgan, Laurentiu Dumitran, Petru Notingher, Dorin Popa

148 P1-13 Assessment Condition Degradation of the EVA Compound Used as Cable Jacket
George Mares, Catalin Rusu-Zagar, Simona Pasareanu, Gilda Rusu-Zagar

150 B11 Transformer Mineral Oil Electrification
Mirela-Stefania Vihacencu, Laurentiu-Marius Dumitran, Petru V. Notingher

151 D4 State of the art XLPE compounds for power cables and recent developments
Andrzej Urbanczyk

152 P1-12 Calculation of insulation systems wear of medium power electrical machines
Stefan Busoi, Petru Notingher, Laurentiu Dumitran

153 P1-11 Identification of numerical Preisach model by separating variables
Octavian Adrian Tabara

154 D5 DC and AC conductivity of LDPE Nanocomposites
Florin Ciuprina, Ilona Plesa

155 P1-9 Considerations about the influence of some factors related to the geometric characteristics of inclusions on effective permittivity of dielectric mixtures
Rodica Cret, Laura Darabant, Cristian Farcas, Antoniu Turcu

157 I1 A novel magnetostrictive injection actuator based on new giant magnetostrictive materials
Lucian Pislaru-Danescu, Alexandru M. Morega, Mihaela Morega

161 F3 Virtual instrument for Monitoring the Distribution Systems
Leonas Ciulinaru

162 H4 FPGA Implementation of a Sinusoidal PWM Generator with Zero Sequence Insertion
Bogdan Alecsa, Aleodor Ioan

163 E8 Uncertainty budget for distribution grids analysis. A study case on model parameters.
Irina Mangeac-Florea, Melania Naumof, Ana-Maria Dumitrescu

164 P1-26 Intercellular conductance variability influences early repolarization potentials in a model of the myocardial tissue with stochastic architecture.
Alexandru-Dan Corlan, Bogdan Amuzescu, Ivan Milcin, Vlad Iordachescu, Elena Poenaru

169 C16 New Approches to Nebulizer Drug Delivery
Mihai Chetan, Andrei Negoias

170 P1-19 On Asynchronous Motor Transient for Sudden Modification of the Load Torque
Voinea Radu Cociu, Livia Cociu, Cristian Gyozo Haba

171 P1-18 Particularities of Park Transformation in Special Cases
Livia Cociu, Cristian Gyoza Haba, Voinea Radu Cociu

172 H1 A Vector Control System for Multiresonant Loads
Dumitru Stanciu, Mihail Teodorescu

173 P1-6 Mixed Mode Verification of PLC based control systems
Cristian Gyozo Haba, Voinea Radu Cociu, Livia Cociu

174 B8 Ecological Transportation System Based on Light Electric Vehicles
Grigore Danciu, Virgil Racicovschi, Liviu Kreindler

175 P2-16 Bioengineering Education in Iasi: 17 years of experience
Radu Ciorap, Dan Zaharia, Florin Topoliceanu, Hariton Costin

176 P1-10 Enhancing Reliability for Medium Voltage Underground Power Lines
Elena-Larisa Mariut, Elena Helerea

177 P2-21 Temperature Influence on Magnetic Characteristics of NdFeB Permanent Magnets
Marius-Daniel Calin, Elena Helerea

179 J4 E-learning in medical related fields
Catalin Curta, Radu Ciupa

180 P2-15 An Undergraduate Programme In Medical Equipment And Systems
Alexandru Morega, Sever Pasca, Alina Machedon

181 E6 Frequency Control Issues in Microgrids with Renewable Energy Sources
Ioan Serban, Corneliu Marinescu

182 E5 Parallel operation of micro hydro power plants
Catalin Petrea Ion, Corneliu Marinescu

183 E7 Motor pump group efficiency in wind energy pumped storage system
Andreea Forcos, Corneliu Marinescu

184 E1 Current control of single-phase inverter for wind turbine applications
Luminita Barote, Corneliu Marinescu

Iosif Lingvay, Cristina STANCU, Petru BUDRUGEAC, Andrei CUCOS, Carmen LINGVAY

186 P2-13 The Method of Dimensional Analysis using Similitude Theory applied for Modeling of Fluid Flow in Microchannels
Elena-Rita Avram, Eden Mamut, Laurentiu Oancea, Camelia Bâcu

187 P2-24 Leadership Patterns Enhanced by E-Activities
Suzana Carmen Cizmas

188 P2-23 RWCT Implementation in Electrical Engineering
Suzana Carmen Cizmas


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