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Parametrized Reduced Model of RF MEMS Capacitive Switch

The paper presents parametrized model of RF (radio frequency) MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical-systems) capacitive switch in the form of 1D equivalent circuits, prepared in the APLAC software. The model can be applied to obtain static, multiphysics, nonlinear characteristics and to calculate pull-in voltage of the switch. The parametrization concerns geometrical parameters (beam length and static gap height). The main advantage of the proposed, parametrized model is significant reduction of requirement for computation power and acceleration of the simulations. Comparing to the 3D simulation results, the reduction of the memory usage is in the range of hundred times and also the speed-up of computations is at the level of hundred times. The results of the proposed model are in good agreement with numerical software, based on FEM (finite element methods). The maximum relative error encountered is less than 4%. The novelty of the paper is the concept to use the 1D model of MEMS capacitive switch from APLAC library to prepare reduced model for automatic parametrization in the wide range of parameter values. The new code prepared in programming language, recognizable by the APLAC software is also the article novelty.


Sebastian KULA    
Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszczy, Poland

Aurel-Sorin LUP    
Politehnica University Bucharest,


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