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Study of Energy Efficiency in Industry

This paper presents the study of energy efficiency in industry based upon information measurements, audits and technological processes. The economic operators analysed in this study are companies with primary activity in metalworking, food and bakery industry. The products of these companies belong to categories like: bread and specialities of bread, industrial scales, bearings and meat processing.
Energy consumptions are strongly linked to the process of production, the equipment used, the lighting systems and building capacities. Energy management seeks to maximize energy efficiency. For this purpose it is necessary to understand the origin of energy loss and to find ways to reduce it.
The first phase is to analyse the energy consumption's. In the next phase, the energy usage within the proposed perimeters is analysed and the main lines of action for energy saving within these perimeters is presented.
Finally, certain measures are suggested in order to obtain improvements in energy efficiency.


Mariana IORGULESCU    
University of Pitesti, Electrical Engineering Departament


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