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Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety and Security in Developing Autonomous Vehicles

Nowadays, autonomous cars have prevailed the conceptual phase, already being tangible reality. The paper begins with a quasi-exhaustive review of the mostly encountered standards/concepts applied in developing Electronic/Electrical systems inside cars. The actual management systems used in developing automotive work products have their focus mainly on the quality part, not being adapted to effectively include the security activities and safety aspects. Consequently, there were reviewed the main weaknesses of the “classic” approach. The paper emphasizes the importance of dealing in an integrative manner with security and safety standards, aiming to synthesize a coherent process for the development of autonomous cars. Complementary, it is underlined the importance of integrating the process designed to assure acceptable levels for cyber security risks. It is mandatory to protect the integrity and the confidentiality of information. The authors propose such a unitary concept for developing autonomous vehicles by integrating quality, safety and (cyber)security into one system, called Quality Safety Cyber Security Integrated Management System (QSCSIMS). It is presented the standard-based architecture of the system and a mathematical model of the associated processes. Finally are reviewed the benefits of implementing QSCSIMS in Electronic/Electrical Systems for autonomous driving: improvement of processes, decrease of waste, lower costs, safe and secured systems and finally, satisfied customers.


Simona GIFEI    
Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi,

Alexandru SALCEANU    
Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi,


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