The 9th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 2015

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Measurement of Energies within f-P Secondary Control by the Means of Metrological Procedures

Within last decade, the energy resources evolved significantly in the renewable area and installed capacity exploded with large impact on the distribution grid area as well. Energy management is supported by EMS-SCADA systems operated by TSO-s and by DMS-SCADA systems operated by DO-s.
Such evolution of the generation installations are bringing more and more challenges for the systems stability purpose and therefore the usage of ancillary services becomes more and more critical. Like any specific service provided within the market, the ancillary services are looking for more and more accurate solution of measurement (metering) that would encourage the competition and increase the quality of such services.
Traditionally it is not possible to measure the use of secondary reserve services with metrology based energy meters, because the measurement implies integration of energy over and under a set-point, which implies integration of a difference of power, algorithm which is not supported neither by existing metrology meters nor by any IEC standards for meters.
The paper analyses the possibility of using the metrology based energy metering recorded with one minute load profiles, in order to calculate the increase and decrease active energy, for surplus respectively for deficit generation within the frequencypower secondary control. For comparison, it has been analyzed also the possibility of calculating these values based on recorded energies in the metrological meter using standard 15 minutes load-profiles.


Catalin Lucian Chimirel    
CNTEE Transelectrica SA

Mihai Sanduleac    

Mircea Eremia    
Polytechnic University Bucharest


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