The 9th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 2015

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Study of the Lamp’s Influence on the Power Quality based on Voltage and Current Analysis

The paper is intended to present a comparative analysis between the impact of incandescent lamps and that of compact fluorescent lamps in regard to the quality of the electric power. This study is based on the analysis of harmonics presence in voltage and current curves. In accordance with the European directive, the incandescent lamps have been replaced by compact fluorescent lamps. In Romania, the Electric Power National Agency -ANRE- introduced requirements for performance and quality of the electric power. The questions arise as to which equipment does influence the quality of the electric energy and how could be reduced this influence. One such equipment is the compact fluorescent lamp. The experimental study highlights that compact fluorescent lamps produce harmonics as a result of their operation. These harmonics lead to notable increased levels of the current total harmonic distortions value.


Mariana Iorgulescu    
University of Pitesti, Electrical Engineering Departament


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