The 9th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 2015

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Introducing the Topic’s “Hydrogen a Vector of Energy” in Curriculum of ‘Initiation in Creating Products’ by using TRIZ

The paper is a case study of applying active learning in Master program, in the curriculum of ‘Initiation in Creating Products’. The goal of the paper is to propose a scenario which concerns the first phase of product development. The trigger could be a review of the scientific research about fuel cells. Because Hydrogen is the source of this system, the first step of this theme is to introduce it, as a vector of energy. Based on the concept of innovative TRIZ method, this scenario could be the point of start for the students to propose a Universal Design program for a PEMFC when the aim is to use it as a source in a classical system (hybrid traction, cogeneration, etc.). The work brings together modern methods of thinking and is addressing, equally, to the teachers, students or researchers. The scenario, as a final result, could be applied on different subjects which involved in an innovative system based on fuel cells.


Gabriela Dana Petropol Serb    
University of Craiova

Ion Petropol Serb    


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