The 9th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 2015

Papers Proceedings

31 Solving Economic Emission Load Dispatch Problems Using Particle Swarm Optimization with Smart Inertia Factor
Farzad Mohammadzadeh Shahir

32 Placement of Optimal Capacitor by PSO Algorithm
Farzad Mohammadzadeh Shahir

34 Mathematical Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Self-Lift P/O Lou Converter by Means of Signal Flow Graph
Farzad Mohammadzadeh Shahir

36 PV Plant Modeling for Power System Integration using PSCAD Software
Bogdan Gorgan, Stefan Busoi, Gabriel Tanasescu, Petru Notingher

37 Simulation versus Real World of Operational Amplifier Circuits
Gheorghe-Eugen Subtirelu

38 A Hybrid Mobile Biometric-Based E-voting System
Daniel PETCU, Dan Alexandru STOICHESCU

40 Computer Numerically Controlled Device
Florin-Costin ILIESCU, Ioan-Dragos DEACONU, Cristian Gabriel FARTINESCU, Anca-Simona DEACONU, Aurel-Ionut CHIRILA

41 PLC Controlled Elevator Drive System
Pierre BERNARD, Ioan-Dragos DEACONU, Sergiu Valentin POPESCU, Constantin GHITA, Anca-Simona DEACONU, Aurel-Ionut CHIRILA

42 LEM transducers interface for voltage and current monitoring
Daniel Oancea, Cerasela Dinu

44 The Household Energy Consumer in a Smart Metering Environment
Ioana Opris, Sorina Costinas, Cristina Ionescu, Daniela Nistoran

45 Some Important Effects of the Water Jet and Laser Cutting Methods on the Magnetic Properties of the Non-oriented Silicon Iron Sheets
Veronica Manescu (Paltanea) , Gheorghe Paltanea, Horia Gavrila

48 Signal Isolating Circuit Design of Focusing Alternating Current Induced Polarization Instrument Transmitter Used in the Coal Roadway
Zhi Min Liu , Xi Gao Liu , JI Tao Zhang, You Zhou, Yi Ming Lyu, Miao Wu

50 Optimization of the Electro-conductive Yarns Distribution in Flexible Wearable Dielectric Structures
Raluca Maria Aileni, Laurentiu Dinca

51 Hands-on Solutions for Teaching Basic Introductory Control Systems Course
Robert Beloiu

52 Experimental Analysis of Magnetic Anisotropy in Silicon Iron Steels using the Single Strip Tester
Veronica Manescu Paltanea, Gheorghe Paltanea, Horia Gavrila, Laurentiu Dumitru

54 Rapid Diagnosis of Track Circuits in a Railroad Station
Elisabeta Spunei, Cristian Paul Chioncel, Ion Piroi, Florina Piroi

55 Computer Network Vulnerabilities and Monitoring
Adrian Badea, Victor Croitoru, Daniel Gheorghica

56 Computer Networks Security Based on the Detection of User’s Behavior
Adrian Badea, Victor Croitoru, Daniel Gheorghica

58 Controlling the Number of Equipments Powered from Photovoltaic Panels with Fuzzy Logic
Vlad-Cristian Georgescu, Alexandru George Vaduva

60 Measurement of Energies within f-P Secondary Control by the Means of Metrological Procedures
Catalin Lucian Chimirel, Mihai Sanduleac, Mircea Eremia

61 Analysis, Characterization and Optimization of a Steerer Magnet Prototype
Daniel Dan, Ionel Chirita, Nicolae Tanase, Emilia-Simona Malureanu

62 Between Parallel Mirrors - An Electronic Weighing Instrument
Adriana Vâlcu

65 Magnetic and Mechanical Optimization of a Sextupole Magnet Prototype
Ionel Chirita, Daniel Dan, Nicolae Tanase

66 Educational Platform for Maneuvers Simulation in Medium or High Voltage Substations
Cristina Gabriela Saracin, Marin Saracin, Costel Sandu

67 Integration of Residential Alarm Systems into Electric Power Supplies of Vital Consumers
Cristina Gabriela Saracin, Marin Saracin, Daniel Zdrentu

68 The Influence of Surface Modification on the Electrical Properties of Silicon Carbide Flakes
Ilona Plesa, Sandra Schlögl, Simona Viola Radl, Inge Mühlbacher, Uwe Schichler

69 The Influence of Parameters on the Parasitic Capacitance Values in a Planar Transformer
Claudia Hebedean, Calin Munteanu, Adina Racasan, Claudia Pacurar, Daniel Augustin

70 Knowledge Forms and the Process of Innovation: The Case of a Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Sorin Eugen Piperca, Cristina Mihaela Gheorghe

71 The Performances of an Active Filtering and Regenerative System for DC Railway Traction Substations
Alexandru Bitoleanu, Mihaela Popescu, Mihata Linca, Vlad Constantin Suru

72 Analysis of Magnetic Sensors Multi-films Obtained from Cu/Co Deposited on Sital by PLD
Cosmin Cobianu, Mihail-Florin Stan, Adela-Gabriela Husu, Nicolae Fidel

74 System for Converting the DC traction Substations into Active Substations
Mihaela Popescu, Alexandru Bitoleanu, Vlad Suru, Alexandra Preda

75 The Energy Emissions Produced by the Human Being and their Practical Use
Lucian Mandrea, Marian Costea, Andronicus Torp

76 Circuit Analysis of Frequency Splitting Phenomena in Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Mihai Iordache, Dragos Niculae, Lucian Mandache, Lavinia Bobaru

78 Some Aspects of the Cogging Torque Study of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor to Drive a Bicycle
Nicolae DIGA, Constantin GHITA, Silvia-Maria DIGA, Dorinel CONSTANTIN, Constantin STOICA

79 Comparative Analysis of a dc to dc Boost Converter with Constant and Variable Duty Cycle
Jenica-Ileana Corcau, Liviu Dinca, Eduard Ureche

81 Optimization of a dc to dc Boost Converter using Interleaved Command Technique
Liviu Dinca, Jenica-Ileana Corcau, Eduard Ureche

83 Predictive Control of Autonomous Steering for Ground Vehicles
Răzvan Corneliu Rafailă, Gheorghe Livinț

85 Performance Analysis of Ferrofluid Actuators with Permanent Magnets of Variable Magnetization Pattern
Camelia Petrescu, Radu Olaru

86 Improved LVRT based on Coordination Control of Active Crowbar and Reactive Power for Doubly Fed Induction Generators
Minh Quan Duong, Gabriela Nicoleta Sava, Francesco Grimaccia, Sonia Leva, Marco Mussetta, Sorina Costinas, Nicolae Golovanov

88 Estimation of Apparent Charge and Inception Voltage of Partial Discharges Produced in Vegetable Oil for Power Transformers
Alexandra Ciuriuc, Laurentiu Marius Dumitran, Petru V. Notingher

89 Acceleration of the FEM Computations in Electromagnetic Analysis for Switched Reluctance Motor
Sebastian Kula

90 Zero Steady-State Error PWM Control System for Sinusoidal Voltage
Dumitru Stanciu, Mihail Teodorescu

91 Free Surface Flow Over the Broad - Crested Weir
Nicoleta Octavia Tanase, Diana Broboana, Corneliu Balan

92 P-Q Diagram Construction for Multi-inverter Photovoltaic Power Plant Connected to MV Grid
Mihovil Ivas

93 A new Technique of Reactive Power Optimization Random Selection Paths RSP
Layth Tawfeeq Al-bahrani, Mircea Eremia

94 Characterization of Ethylene-propylene-diene Terpolymer Based Electrical Insulation
Traian Zaharescu, Madalina Marinescu, Eduard Marius Lungulescu, Sandra Regina Scagliusi, Ademar Benévolo Lugao

95 Determination of the Power Generated by a Wind Turbine in Constant Wind and Variable Wind
Ioan Berinde, Horia Bălan, Teodora Susana Oros (Pop)

96 Body Composition Monitoring Through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Mihai Chetan

97 A Model of a LED for Street Illumination – Simulations and Measurements
Florian Ion, Laurentiu Stancu, Valentin Dogaru-Ulieru

98 Investigating Resistance of Layers in Nickel Germanide Formed on Amorphous and Crystalline Germanium
FAHID ALGAHTANI, Anthony Holland, Elena Pirogova

99 Different Methods used to assess the Radiated Fields of Economic Lamps regarding Human Exposure
Marian Costea, Ileana Baran, Tudor Leonida

100 Software Validation with Respect to Requirements Specified by SR EN 15189:2013 and SR EN 17025:2005. A Practical Approach for a Medical Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and a Gas Meter in Testing Laboratory
Alina Elena Taina

101 Sigmoid Functions Used in Hysteresis Phenomenon Modeling
Lucian Petrescu, Emil Cazacu, Catalina Petrescu

102 Capillary breakup extensional properties of whole human saliva
Mihaela Turcanu, Lucia Frau Tascon, Corneliu Balan, Crispulo Gallegos

103 Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Energizing of Miniature Iron Core Transformers
Emil Cazacu, Valentin Ionita, Lucian Petrescu

104 Mathematical Modeling of the Erosion Processes in Hydrographic Basins
Stelian Ion, Dorin Marinescu, Stefan Gicu Cruceanu

105 Contributions for Reducing the Magnetic Field created by an Equipment Component of a Ship
Gheorghe Samoilescu, Mircea Constantinescu, Adelina Bordianu, Georgiana Rosu

106 Optimization of Low-Power Brushless Direct Current Motors
Ion Vlad, Sorin Enache, Monica Adela Enache

107 Contributions Regarding Operation of Induction Machine Supplied with two Frequencies

108 Unitary Design of Small DC Motors used in Modular Add-on Electrical Systems
Mircea Nicolae MODREANU, Mihai Iulian ANDREI, Cristian BOBOC, Mihaela MOREGA

109 Bending Mode Cantilever Actuators for Micro-Electromechanical Systems
Alexandru Morega, Nicolae Tanase, Mihaela Morega, Daniel Comeaga, Cristinel Ilie

110 Modeling of solid electrolyte based on ceria for IT-SOFC
Ana - Maria Ionascu, Petru Notingher, Romeo Bercia

111 Evaluating the Efficiency of Stimulators used in Magnetic Stimulation of the Spinal Cord
Laura Darabant, Mihaela Cretu, Dan Rafiroiu, Radu Ciupa

112 The Role of Impedance Matching for Power Transfer Efficiency in HF RFID Systems
Adrian-Ioan PETRARIU, Valentin POPA

113 An Analogical Control Method of the Alpazur Oscillator
Doinita Chirita, Valentin Stefanescu, Bogdan Cristian Florea, Dan Alexandru Stoichescu

114 Degradation of Non-Contacting Radar Antenna Characteristics in Improper Installations
Vlad Neagu

115 CAD for Three Phase ONAN Cooling System Transformers
Robert-Constantin DRAGOMIR, Ioan-Dragos DEACONU, Aurel-Ionut CHIRILA, Anca-Simona DEACONU, Valentin NAVRAPESCU

118 Electric Field Distribution and SAR in Human Head from Mobile Phones
Vladimir Stanković, Dejan Jovanović, Dejan Krstić, Nenad Cvetković

119 Different Calculation Methods and Experimental Validation for Various Ground Electrode Types
Dejan Jovanović, Nenad Cvetković, Aleksa Ristić, Vladimir Stanković

120 Modelling and Monitoring Aspects Concerning the Vector Controlled Reluctance Synchronous Motor Drives
Sorin Enache, Aurel Campeanu, Ion Vlad, Monica-Adela Enache

122 Optimal Location and Size of SVC for Power Losses Minimization and Voltage Security Improvement
Ali Abdulwahhab Abdulrazzaq, Mircea Eremia, Lucian Toma, Corneliu Alexandru Mandis

123 Radial–Axial Passive Magnetic Bearing System. Numerical Simulation Aided Design Solutions
Nicolae Tanase, Alexandru Morega, Adrian Nedelcu, Cristinel Ilie

124 Quality Analysis of an Educational Website in Terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis Subject: The Website of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (
Cristian Gabriel Fartinescu, Mihai Octavian Popescu, Claudia Laurenta Popescu, Anca-Simona Deaconu

125 Coalescence of liquid drops with free surfaces
Ioana Laura Omocea, Catalin Mihai Balan, Vincent Senez, Corneliu Balan

126 Electrical Contact Materials Obtained by Spark Plasma Sintering Technology for Vacuum Contactors
Violeta Tsakiris, Elena Enescu, Mariana Lucaci, Magdalena Lungu, Alexandru Radulian, Gabriela Sbarcea, Alina Caramitu, Virgil Marinescu, Dorinel Talpeanu

127 Influence of the Magnetic Steel Frame on the Efficiency of Short-circuit Faults Detection in Induction Motors through Harmonics of the Neighboring Magnetic Field
Virgiliu Fireteanu, Vincent Leconte, Alexandru-Ionel Constantin

129 Processing of Smart Meters Data for Peak Load Estimation of Consumers
Gheorghe Grigoras, Florina Scarlatache

130 Placement of DG Sources using a clustering based partitioning method in distribution systems
Florina Scarlatache, Gheorghe Grigoras

131 Automatic Recognition of the Person by ECG Signals Characteristics
Marius Valerian Paulet, Andrei Salceanu, Alexandru Salceanu

132 Fetal heart rate estimation from phonocardiograms using an EMD based method
Dragos Daniel Taralunga, Bogdan Hurezeanu, Mihaela Ungureanu, Rodica Strungaru

133 LabVIEW Brain Computer Interface for EEG Analysis During Sleep Stages
Catalin Dumitrescu, Ilona Madalina Costea, Cosmin Karl Banica, Sabina Potlog

134 Tuning Unstable Process of a Superheated Steam Boiler through On-Line Efficiency Modelling
Catalin Puiu

135 PMSM Drive using Digital Hall Position Sensors for Light EV Applications
Liviu Kreindler, Iulian Iacob, George Casaru, Aurelian Sarca, Ramona Olteanu, Dragos Matianu

136 Water Hammer Effect Characterization using an Acoustic Signal Processing Approach
Angela Digulescu, Ion Candel, Cornel Ioana, Gabriel Vasile, Diana Maria Bucur, Georgiana Dunca, Alexandru Serbanescu

137 Study on the Optimum Transmission of Active Power between the Source and an Induction Heating Installation
Ioan Ruja, Constantin Marta, Aurel Midan, Elisabeta Spunei, Monica Roşu

141 Study of Mixed Filters Schemes for Denoising the Medical Ultrasound Images
Yasameen Al Youzbaki, Sever Pasca

142 Introducing the Topic’s “Hydrogen a Vector of Energy” in Curriculum of ‘Initiation in Creating Products’ by using TRIZ
Gabriela Dana Petropol Serb, Ion Petropol Serb

143 Characterization of Photovoltaic Pumping System Model Without Battery Storage by Matlab/Simulink
Andre Boussaibo, M. Kamta, J. Kayem, Dumitru Toader, Stefan Haragus, A Maghet

144 Power Differential Method Based Islanding Detection in PV Systems
Okan Ozgonenel

145 Study of the Lamp’s Influence on the Power Quality based on Voltage and Current Analysis
Mariana Iorgulescu

148 Factors Affecting the Performance of a SQUID Gradiometer
Octavian Baltag, Miuta Carmina Rau

149 Software adjustment of pressure transducers
Ioana Opris, Petre Blaga

150 A Novel Generalization of Boost-type PFC Topologies with Multiple Switching Cells Connected in Series and Parallel

151 Introducing Energy Efficiency in Nuclear Power Plants by using Variable Medium Voltage Frequency Drives
Laurentiu Ciufu, Mihai Octavian Popescu

153 Comparative Study for Reversible Pump at Variable Speed in PMSM Applications
Ioan Ducar, Corneliu Marinescu

154 Design and Numerical Simulations of a Superconducting Dipolar Electromagnet Cooled by Conduction
Alexandru Morega, Ion Dobrin, Mihaela Morega, Adrian Nedelcu, Victor Stoica

155 Design and Finite Element Analysis of High-Density Torque Induction Motor for Traction Applications
Leonard Livadaru, Adrian Munteanu, Alecsandru Simion, Codrin-Gruie Cantemir

156 Experiments and numerical simulations of vortex ring formation in microgeometries

157 A LiFePO4 Battery Discharge Simulator for EV applications– Part 1 Determining the Optimal Circuit Based Battery Model
Bogdan-Adrian Enache, Magdalena-Emilia Alexandru, Luminita-Mirela Constantinescu

158 A LiFePO4 Battery Discharge Simulator for EV applications Part 2 Developing the battery simulator
Bogdan-Adrian Enache, Magdalena-Emilia Alexandru, Luminita-Mirela Constantinescu

159 Ant Based Exploration Algorithms - A Brief Survey
Bogdan-Florin Florea, Ovidiu Grigore, Mihai Datcu

161 Measurement Data Analysis of Power Quality for Industrial Loads
Gabriel Oprea, Horia Andrei

162 Practice of Peer-review and the Innovative Engineering School
Dorin Isoc, Teodora Isoc

164 2-D Physical Modeling and DC Optimization of a double delta doped In0.7Ga0.3As/In0.52Al0.48As/InP pHEMT
Abderrahmane Zakarya Djennati, Zakarya Kourdi, Kherreddine Ghaffour

165 Irradiation Effect on PA6 Properties of Electrical Insulation

167 Optimization of a Power System with Distributed Generation Source
Lucian Ioan Dulau

171 Capacitive Touch Sensors Sensibility for Different Ground Hatch and Shield Electrode Structures
Liviu Neamt, Olivian Chiver, Madalin Bartis

172 Educational Platform for Working with Programmable Logic Controllers
Valentin NAVRAPESCU, Aurel-Ionut CHIRILA, Anca-Simona DEACONU, Ioan-Dragos DEACONU

173 Web Server for Command, Control and Monitoring of Industrial Equipment
Eugen Raduca, Lucian Nistor, Cornel Hatiegan, Mihaela Raduca, Ioan Padureanu, Silviu Draghici

175 Determination of Induced Currents in Human Body Sitting under an Overhead Power Line
Daniela Irimia, Elena-Crenguta Bobric

176 Creating a Model based on Artificial Neural Network for Liver Cirrhosis Diagnose
Viviana Mihaela Bostan, Brandusa Pantelimon

178 Experimental Determination of Human Exposure in the Near Field of VHF Sources: Correlations between Incident Field Strength and Currents Induced in Lower Legs of Persons
Simona MICLAUS, Paul Bechet, Jolanta Karpowicz

180 Improvement of DC and RF Performances of An AlGaN/GaN HEMT by a B0.01Ga0.99N Back-barrier Simulation study
Lotfi Guenineche, A Hamdoune

181 Finding the Representative Wind Power Plants for the Development of an Upscaling Wind Power Forecast Algorithm
Petre-Cristian Razusi, Daniela Gusa, Alexandru Mandis

182 Assessment of the Ellipsoidal Shell Model for Ship Magnetic Signature
Georgiana Rosu, Gheorghe Samoilescu, Octavian Baltag, Adelina Bordianu, Adrian Ciuculin

183 Analyze of liner influence in transtibial prosthetic taking into account tribological aspects
Dragos Arotaritei, Marius Turnea, Robert Filep, Mihai Ilea, Mariana Rotariu

185 New Shape of Rotor Flux Barriers in Synchronous Reluctance Machines Based on Zhukovski Curves
Arkadiusz Dziechciarz, Claudia Martis

186 Impact of charging Electric Vehicles in Residential Network on the Voltage Profile using Matlab
Andreea -Georgiana NEAGOE-STEFANA, Mircea Eremia, Lucian Toma, Andrei Costin Neagoe

187 Temperature distribution in solder joints during melting and solidification
Karel DUSEK, Cristina STANCU, Petru V. NOTINGHER, Pavel MACH

189 Application with a XY-Plotter Controlled by PLC used in Student Laboratory Works
Mihai RATA, Gabriela RATA

190 A Solution for Study of PID Controllers Using cRIO System
Gabriela Rata, Mihai Rata

192 Electronic Drive System of a Linear Magnetostrictive Motor Designed for Outer Space Applications
Lucian PISLARU-DANESCU, Alexandru MOREGA, Mihaela MOREGA, Rares CHIHAIA, Marius POPA, Lica FLORE

193 Strain Measurements by Cardiac Ultrasound using an original Matlab Software
Maria Batrinache

195 Presentations and Laboratory Developed in LabVIEW Using Microsoft Agent
Sorin Dan Grigorescu, Sanda Victorinne Paturca, Costin Cepisca

196 Deriving Model Approximations in Emerging Distribution Grids
Ana-Maria Dumitrescu, Mihaela Albu

197 Temperature Monitoring System Based on Multiple TMP75 Digital Sensors and ...
Eduard Lunca, Silviu Ursache, Alexandru Vasniuc

198 Possible Operation Modes of Moldova’s, Ucraine’s and Romania’s Electrical Power Systems’ Joint Work
Vitalie Postolati, Elena Bykova, Valeriu Bosneaga, Victor Suslov, Tudor Radilov

199 Energy trading optimization of a virtual power plant on electricity market
George Cristian Lazaroiu, Virgil Dumbrava, Mariacristina Roscia, Dario Zaninelli

200 Coupling Factor of Planar Power Coils Used in Contactless Power Transfer

201 Design of a Current Sensor based on Optical Fibers
Marcel Stanciu, Octavian Mihai Ghita, Adela Vintea, Sabina Potlog

202 A New Approach for Automatic Tuning of Electrical Drives Current Loop Controllers
Aurelian Sarca, Bogdan Naum, Dragos Matianu

203 Towards Cloud Integration for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Systems
Oana Chenaru, Grigore Stamatescu, Iulia Stamatescu, Dan Popescu

211 Heat transfer coefficient measurements using Infrared Thermography technique
Stefan-Mugur Simionescu, Umran Duzel, Claudia Esposito, Zdenek Ilich, Corneliu Balan

212 Fast Method for Determining Significant Electrical Parameters of ESD -Textiles
Alexandru Salceanu, Marius Valerian Paulet, Silviu Ionut Ursache

214 Position Control of a Bidirectional Moving Magnet Actuator Based on Contactless Hall-Effect Transducer
Alexandru Arcire, George Mihalache

215 Implementation of the FastICA algorithm in sound source separation
Cristian Ghita, Razvan Doru Raicu, Brandusa Pantelimon

216 Functional Analysis and Optimizing Single-phase Inverters through Experimental Tests
Sergiu - Valentin Popescu, Ion - Daniel Ilina, Constantin Ghita

217 Implementation of SVM-based Direct Thrust Control of Two-Phase Permanent Magnet Tubular Synchronous Actuators
Ioana-Cornelia Gros, Mircea Radulescu, Calin Marginean, Petre Dorel Teodosescu

219 Elimination of Speed Ripples in a Cogeneration System with Stirling Engine by an Electromagnetic Coupling
Ion Paraschiv, Costin Madalin, Ion Voncila, Marcel Oanca, Sergiu Ivas

221 Control of Wind Power Systems Imposing the Current in the Intermediate Circuit of the Converter at Variable Wind Speed
Cristian Paul Chioncel, Gheza Mihai Erdodi, Doru Ionut Petrescu, Elisabeta Spunei, Nicoleta Gillich

223 Electrostatic Separation of Polymeric Granular Mixtures from Medium and Low Voltage Cables
Laurentiu Marius Dumitran, Petru Notingher, Lucien Dascalescu

225 Reliability Improvement and Importance of Power Consumption Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Avishek Banerjee, Mihai Gavrilas, Ovidiu Ivanov, Samiran Chattopadhyay

226 Recycling of PS/PVC Granular Waste Using a Fluidized-Bed Two-Insulated-Rolls-Type Tribo-Aero-Electrostatic Separator
Adrian Samuila, Mihai Bilici, Lucian Dascalescu

227 Determination of System for Wireless Power Transfer
Mircea Horgos, Liviu Neamt, Zoltan Erdei, Olivian Chiver, Cristian Barz, Ovidiu Zetea

229 Computer Aided Localization of the Optic Disc Based on Textural Features
Dan Popescu, Loretta Ichim, Traian Caramihale

230 Electric field distribution in power cable insulation affected by water trees
Laura Andrei, Irina Vlad, Florin Ciuprina

231 Higher education seen from inside: The case of Electrical Engineering students
Sorin Eugen Piperca, Cristina Mihaela Gheorghe

232 M2M Service Platforms and Device Management
Iulian Danila, Radu Dobrescu, Dan Popescu, Roxana Marcu, Loretta Ichim

234 System for Highlighting the Emotional States, Used in Assessing the Teaching Methods
Laurentiu Dan Milici, Vlad Mihai Placinta, Mariana Rodica Milici, Liliana Bujor

236 Preliminary Study of HR Analysis on Patients Recovering after Stroke
Doru Ionut Andritoi, Dana Matei, Catalina Luca, Calin Corciova, Radu Ciorap

237 Efficiency in the Detection of Three Important Faults in Induction Motors through External Magnetic Field
Alexandru-Ionel Constantin, Virgiliu Fireteanu

238 Compact TL-RLC-TL model extraction from FW field solution for RF MEMS capacitive switch
Cosmin-Bogdan Dita, Aurel-Sorin Lup, Gabriela Ciuprina, Daniel Ioan

239 DVR with Auxiliary DC Voltage Source Provided by A High Power Diode Based Rectifier Used in MV Connection Substations
Gheorghe-Ioan Nicolaescu, Horia Andrei, Stefan Radulescu

240 Optimization of Pipeline-Overhead Line Right-of-Way using Genetic Algorithms
Levente Czumbil, Dan D. Micu, Calin Munteanu, Denisa Stet

241 Study of ECG Signal Processing using Wavelet Transforms
Adriana Maria Ciupe, Nicolae Marius Roman

242 Enhanced Protection Level by Database Replication in the Easy-Learning Online Platform
Radu Rădescu, Valentin Pupezescu

243 Sensitivity to Parameters Variation in Numerical Simulation of Microwave Thermotherapy
Mihaela Morega, Alexandru Mihail Morega, Alina Săndoiu

244 Wind System with Storage in Electrical Accumulators
Sorin Musuroi, Ciprian Sorandaru, Gheza-Mihai Erdodi, Doru-Ionut Petrescu

245 Real-time Co-Simulation Platform for Electromechanical Vehicle Applications
Aron-Attila Popp, Herman Van der Auweraer, Mathieu Sarrazin, Claudia Martis, Agoston Karoly Biro, Ovidiu Birte, Daniel Forodean

246 Multi-scale and reduced modelling of Biological Systems
Ruxandra Bărbulescu, Daniel Ioan

247 Recovery of Waste Heat from Generator into the Water Preheating Circuit, at Steam Thermal Power Plants
Florin-Niculae ALEXE, George DARIE, Victor-Eduard CENUŞĂ, Diana TUŢICĂ, Mihaela NORIŞOR

249 A New Electronic Active System for Protection to Quench Hazard in High Temperature Superconducting Coils
Lucian PISLARU-DANESCU, Alexandru MOREGA, Victor STOICA, Mihaela Morega, Ion DOBRIN

250 Sliding Coefficients Estimation for Fixed Frequency Sliding Mode Control of Boost Converter
Mihail Teodorescu, Dumitru Stanciu

253 Electrical Network Signal's Waveform and Frequency Logging for Forensic
Valentin - Adrian Niță, Robert - Alexandru Dobre, Andrei Drumea, Amelia Ciobanu, Cristian Negrescu, Dumitru Stanomir

254 Study of the knitted structures with different designs used for electromagnetic shielding
Alina Lacramioara Apreutesei, Antonela Curteza, Octavian Baltag

256 Study of torque ripple and noise for different rotor topologies of a Synchronous Reluctance Machine
Ovidiu Birte, Lorand Szabo, Claudia Martis, Herman Van der Auweraer, Aron Popp, Cassio Faria

257 Comparative Analysis of Two D.C. Magnetic Properties Measurement Procedures
Valentin Pricop

261 Multiple Sensor Software and Hardware Architecture for Field Robots
Sanda Victorinne Paturca, Sorin Dan Grigorescu, Costin Cepisca, Cosmin Karl Banica, Alexandra Baluta

262 Numerical Study of the Stator Motion in a Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motor

264 Application of Hybrid FEM-BEM Method to the Time Response of an Electromagnet under Imposed Terminal Voltages
Ioan R. Ciric, Marius-Aurel Costea, George-Marian Vasilescu, Mihai Maricaru, Florea Ioan Hantila

265 UAV-WSN Communication Algorithm with Increased Energy Autonomy
Maximilian Nicolae, Dan Popescu, Radu Dobrescu

266 Inertial Sensor Signals Denoising with Directed Transfer Function
Ioana-Raluca Edu, Teodor Lucian Grigorie, Felix-Constantin Adochiei, Constantin Rotaru, Nicolae Jula

268 An Object Oriented Data Structure Designed for Multiphysics Simulations on Parallel Computers
Mihai Popescu, Aurel-Sorin Lup, Gabriela Ciuprina, Daniel Ioan

269 Use of Surface Response Methodology for the Fuel Cells Mathematical Modelling
Valentin Olteanu, Laurențiu Pătularu, Gloria Ciumbulea, Aurelian Crăciunescu

270 Remote Monitoring of Body Caloric Expenditure Using Wireless Devices
Cristian Rotariu, Alexandru Pasarica, Hariton Costin, Dragos Arotaritei, Malina Mancas

271 Wearable System for Gait Assessment During Physical Rehabilitation Process
Octavian Postolache, Pedro Silva Girão, Jose Miguel Dias Pereira, Gabriela Postolache

272 Design and Performance analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator equipped with AC-DC converter

276 Polyacrylonitrile-based Electrospun Fibers
Adela BARA, Elena Chitanu, Cristina Banciu, Virgil Marinescu, Violeta Tsakiris

278 SAR Values Comparison between GSM and 3G
Andrei Marinescu

279 Actual Study of Wireless Transmission of Electromagnetic Energy to a Mobile Phone
Sandu Cristian, Mihai Iordache

280 Optimizing electricity costs of wastewater treatment plant in presence of RES and power market
Lacarmioara Diana Robescu, George Cristian Lazaroiu, Virgil Dumbrava, Elena Manea, Aurel Presura

281 Domestic Load Forecasting Using Neural Network and Its Use for Missing Data Analysis
Songpu Ai, Mohan Lal Kolhe, Lei Jiao, Qi Zhang

282 Review on Photovoltaic Based Active Generator
Aimie Nazmin Azmi, Mohan Lal Kolhe, Anne Gerd Imenes

283 Home Appliances Conducted Emissions Analysis and Mitigation
Adina Racasan, Calin Munteanu, Vasile Topa, Claudia Pacurar, Claudia Hebedean, Catalin Marcu

285 On-line Power Systems Voltage Stability Monitoring using Artificial Neural Networks
Constantin Bulac, Lucian Toma, Ion Triștiu, Alexandru Mandiș

286 A new and efficient algorithm for short - circuit calculation in distribution networks with distributed generation
Ion Tristiu, Constantin Bulac, Sorina Costinas, Lucian Toma, Alexandru Mandis

288 A Perspective on Current Unbalance in Low Voltage Distributi
Cornel Toader, Radu Porumb, Ion Tristiu, Constantin Bulac

289 Issues with High Power Shunt Active Filters Operating with Distorted Mains Voltages. Dual inverter topology
Dinut-Lucian Popa, Petre-Marian Nicolae

291 Actual Aspects of Flicker Phenomenon
Virgil Maier, Sorin Gheorghe Pavel, Horia Gheorghe Beleiu, Vasile Farcas, Claudiu Ciorca


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