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The Faculty of Automation and Computer Science and Engineering invites researchers, professionals, students and businessmen to participate in CONTI'2000: 4th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TECHNICAL INFORMATICS, which will be held at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science and Engineering from Timisoara.


Timisoara is an old and beautiful town located in the Southern-Western part of Romania. It can be reached easily by trains from Bucharest or Budapest or by plane through its international airport (www.timisoara.ro).


The conference is intended as an international forum where an effective exchange of knowledge and experience amongst researchers active in various theoretical and applied areas of automatic control and computer science and engineering can take place.


The program will include an ample space for promoting the implementation of new control technologies, computer science and industrial informatics, and their real-world applications; an exhibition will be organized having this aim.


A round table on "Youth in Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics" will be organized.


The working language of the conference is English.





Vlad Ionescu (Bucharest, Romania) - chair

Mircea Petrescu (Bucharest, Romania) - chair

Ruth Bars (Budapest, Hungary)

Keith J. Burnham (Coventry, U.K.)

Emil Ceanga (Galati, Romania)

Tiberiu Colosi (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Aurel Cornell (BYU, Utah, USA)

Valentin Cristea (Bucharest, Romania)

Robin De Keyser (Gent, Belgium)

Antonio Dourado (Coimbra, Portugal)

Ion Dumitrache (Bucharest, Romania)

Clement Festila (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Michael Fette (Paderborn, Germany)

Florin-Gheorghe Filip (Romania)

Marius Ghercioiu (Austin, TX, USA)

Voicu Groza (Ottawa, Canada)

Maria Imecs (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

Dan Ionescu (Ottawa, Canada)

Mircea Ivanescu (Craiova, Romania)

Peter Korondi (Budapest, Hungary)

Liviu Kreindler (Bucharest, Romania)

Dimiter Lakov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Constantin Marin (Craiova, Romania)

Cedomir Milosavljevic (Nis, Yugoslavia)

Traian Munteanu (Marseille, France)

Mircea Gheorghe Negoita (Auckland, New Zealand)

Emil Petriu (Ottawa, Canada)

Vladimir Rasvan (Craiova, Romania)

Hubert Roth (Weingarten, Germany)

Eugene Roventa (York, Canada)

Sergy Ryvkin (Moscow, Russia)

Igor Skrjanc (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Istvan Vajk (Budapest, Hungary)

Mihail Voicu (Iasi, Romania)




June 15, 2000:

Submission of full papers / four pages abstracts and proposals of special sessions together with the completed pre-registration forms 

July 15, 2000:

Notification of acceptance and further details

September 05, 2000:

Camera-ready version of the accepted papers and registration



Submissions via e-mail are encouraged (in this phase) in the form of MS Word rtf-file. If not submitting an electronic version, please submit three hardcopy originals at the address below.



Full fee: 100 EURO.

Reduced fee, for developing countries: 50 EURO.

Student fee (for registered students): 25 EURO.

For Romanian participants: 300000 ROL.

The registration fee includes the Proceedings, attendance to the sessions, welcome party and coffee breaks.


Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings only if one of the authors pays the registration fee before September 05, 2000.



Comprise 4/5 papers each. Papers in each session should present a cohesive and comprehensive focus on a relevant topic, consistent with the conference topics. Prospective organizers are invited to submit 3 copies of the full papers / four pages abstracts and a session title.



Are requested in all areas consistent with the conference topics.


Authors are asked to submit 3 copies of original papers of maximum 6 pages length or extended abstracts of 4 pages.



Contributions are welcome in both theoretical developments and practical implementations in all areas involving automatic control and industrial / technical informatics and computer science and engineering.

The main topics to be covered in this year are:


A: Control Engineering and Applied Informatics:

A1: Control System Theory and Applications:

A1a: PID control: tuning and auto-tuning methods, applications. Predictive control (Prof. Stefan Preitl)

A1b: Control of electrical drives (Assoc.Prof. Gheorghe-Daniel Andreescu)

A1c: Robot control (Assoc.Prof. Gheorghe-Daniel Andreescu)

A1d: Modeling, identification and parameter estimation (Prof.  Octavian Prostean)

A1e: Adaptive control (Prof. Octavian Prostean)

A1f: Intelligent control (Prof. Toma-Leonida Dragomir)

A1g: Linear and nonlinear systems (Prof. Toma-Leonida Dragomir)

A1h: Fuzzy control: analysis, development and applications (Assoc.Prof. Radu-Emil Precup)

A2: Applied Informatics:

A2a: Biomedical informatics (Assoc.Prof. Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar)

A2b: Knowledge based systems and applications (Assoc.Prof. Daniel-Ioan Curiac)

A2c: Technical informatics (Assoc.Prof. Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar)

A2d: Real-time systems (Prof. Nicolae Robu)

A2e: Microcontroller and DSP applications (Prof. Nicolae Robu)

A2f: Computer-based measurement and automation (Assist.Prof. Adrian Popa)

A2g: Fuzzy and neuro implementations (Prof. Toma-Leonida Dragomir)

A3: Education in Automatic Control (Prof. Stefan Preitl)

A4: Invited Sessions:

A4a: Bifurcational Control of Nonlinear Systems (Dr. Michael Fette, Germany)

C: Computer Science and Engineering

C1: Databases (Prof. Mircea Petrescu, Prof. Ionel Jian)

C2: Software for Distributed and Real-time Systems (Prof. Ioan Jurca, Prof. Vladimir Cretu)

C3: Software Tools (Prof. Ioan Jurca, Prof. Vladimir Cretu)

C4: Designing with DSPs, Microcontrollers and Microprocessors (Prof. Crisan Strugaru, Prof. Mircea Stratulat)

C5: Computer Architectures, Reliability and Testing (Prof. Mircea Vladutiu, Prof. Mircea Popa)

C6: Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Stefan Holban, Prof. Marius Crisan)

Y: Youth in Automatic Control (round table, Prof. Stefan Preitl)





The length of each paper (special or contributed one) should not exceed 6 single spaced pages. Three copies of the paper are requested.


The title page should contain title, author's name, affiliation and address, fax number and e-mail address, as well as a brief abstract.


The title page should also clearly point out the code and name of the topic to which the paper is intended to belong (for example: A1c: Robot control or C6: Artificial Intelligence).


Detailed format information for the preparation of the camera-ready version will be provided after paper selection; however, please find attached a Word7 file containing the Information for authors.



Prof.dr.ing. Stefan Holban,

Dean of The Faculty of Automation and Computer Science and Engineering


SECRETARIAT (for correspondence)



"Politehnica" University of Timisoara

Faculty of Automation and Computer Science and Engineering

Bd. V. Parvan 2

RO-1900 Timisoara


Phone: +40-56192049

Fax: +40-56192049

conti2000@cs.utt.ro  conti2000@aut.utt.ro

http://www.cs.utt.ro/~conti2000  www.aut.utt.ro/conti2000








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